Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Saddest Day For The Indian Hockey

Gone are the days when people used to wonder whether Dyan Chand had any glue in his stick because of the magic he did in the hockey field

Gone are the days when the very sight of Dhanraj Pillai created a commotion and fear in the enemy camp in the hockey field...

And few years later an new line would be added to this and it will be , 'Gone are the days when Indian team easily qualify for the Olympics...'.

It is the black day for Indian Hockey .Never in the 80 years of Olympic history India has failed to qualify.Infact India holds 8 Olympics medals in the Hockey Discipline.The last won medal was in 1980 Olympics.But the now India has not even got a entry ticket into the Olympics.

The qualifiers for Beijing Olympics held in Chile and only the winner of the tournament will be qualified for the Olympics.India reached the final there they faced the Great Britain , which has defeated India in the preliminary matches itself.Britain defeated India by a margin of 2-0. A good coordination earned them the first goal and a penalty corner gave them the second.

Though India had penalty corners awarded to them they did not convert it into goals, the same old problem for Indian hockey team. There was no commitment by the players. They didnt show any longing to play well.

If this continues then India will be no longer in the world hockey map.Chakde India ,a film based on Indian hockey was made and the inspirational song from that movie is now a days used in the cricket field for their celebrating their success.Many hockey fans in India want to hear it in the hockey field but its not happening. This scar will remain in history forever.

Dhanraj Pillai said that the ultimate goal for any hockey player will be a Olympic gold medal.But now the same team which had Dyan Chand , Dhanraj Pillai and many other greats have failed to qualify for the Olympics...

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