Friday, March 21, 2008

How to Open websites without a Browser

Yes now its possible with simple trick. It most of companies and Institution Browser are uninstall from the computers so that their staff cannot browse any website. But now you can surf any website on that PC without any Browser.

Just follow these steps-
1. Open a notepad or Calculator or Paint anyone application in you pc.
2. Go to the Help section and Click Help Topics.
3. After the New Window Comes, Left Click on the icon in the top left corner.
4. Click on the Jump Url and write the web add of your fav site ( Full add with http:// ) there.
Now click Ok and Your site will open within a seconds.


Saptarshi Purkayastha said...

Its actually using IE for rendering the help's compiled htm filed (chm).. So without IE, it wont work.. So its actually using a browser!!

...And even a text-based browser like Lynx is also a browser!!

Milan said...

I completely agree with u sir,that CHM is nothing but a compiled htm file which can only be opened in a browser.. But this is just one of the tricks related to windows to open the websites which most of the users are not aware of..