Sunday, January 6, 2008

Kaxaml 1.0

Kaxaml is a lightweight XAML editor that gives you a “split view” so you can see both your XAML and your rendered content (kind of like XamlPad but without the gigabyte of SDK). Kaxaml was created to be shared, so it’s free! Feel free to download and try it out.


  1. Intellisense / code completion
  2. A better editor
  3. New UI
  4. Better Snippets
  5. Tabs
  6. A better color picker (and color sync)
  7. Zoom
  8. New plugins
  9. Silverlight support
  10. Better file management

Website: Kaxaml

Download: Kaxaml 1.0

Source: Nostatic

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