Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Microsoft Tafiti

Microsoft Tafiti is a new search site built on their technology. The user interface looks pretty good it provides a dynamic interface with intuitive graphics.

You can search web, Images, news, rss feeds and books. When you enter the search term, search results will open on the center pane and small icons popup on the left side, you can switch between search products using those icons. Search results can be saved on the right sidebar space, and can be emailed or blogged to windows live spaces.

But will many people use it? It still uses Microsoft search, which in my opinion is not as relevant as Google or Yahoo. And the site, while pretty, runs comparitively very slow.

I think people want fast results served on a clean white page with as little clutter as possible (example). Bells, whistles and pretty graphics are fine, but functionality rules.

That being said, Microsoft isn’t out there claiming that this is their new search paradigm. It’s an experiment to show the power of Silverlight, and at that it succeeds.

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