Saturday, December 22, 2007

Future Tech: Color Swapping Paramagnetic Paint

Having a hard time deciding whether to get your new dream ride in red or silver? Paramagnetic paint says you don’t have to choose, not permanently at any rate.

In a never-ending pursuit to make our lives richer and more rewarding through technology, scientists have developed a new kind of paint that will give an owner the ability to change the hue of their most prized ride with the simple press of a button.

The paramagnetic paint is actually a polymer coating containing iron oxide particles that is applied to the body of the car. An electric current is directed through the polymer that makes it possible to control the spacing of small crystals within the iron oxide particles. As the spacing of the crystals is altered, the way they reflect light is also changed, and this change has the ability modifies the color that is seen on the vehicle. Because the paint requires a constant current to do its business, the switched off vehicle will automatically return to the base white color.

The claim is that this paramagnetic coating, which could be ready to bring to market as early as 2010, will be able to reproduce any color visible to the human eye, in less than a second.

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